Start The Eight Week Mindfulness Course for just £40 (About $55)


The online mindfulness course includes:

  • 10 x  easy to follow weekly teaching videos with interactive exercises.
  • Downloadable materials including 7 x meditation mp3 tracks.
  • 56 daily emails over course to inspire, encourage and support you.
  • Daily mindfulness assignments to help bring the course to life.
  • A mindful decision making work booklet.
  • A downloadable course handbook that contains everything you've learnt. You can also use the handbook to go through the course again to refresh your practice.
  • Two year course access


"This course is a wonderful introduction to mindful living. It helped me embrace the concept of being fully present for my life and has shown me a path that I will happily continue to travel. Andy is easy to listen to and sincere in his teaching method. Money and time well spent!" - Jasmeet, London

"I loved this course and it's really given me the impetus I needed to make mindfulness & meditation a part of my daily life. Andy's knowledge, helpfulness & humour are really what makes the course so accessible and I would have no hesitation in recommending the course to anyone interested in mindfulness meditation. There is just the right amount of teaching and information available and knowing that Andy is always available to answer any questions or queries is a great help. I even got my 85 year old mum-in-law meditating with me!"  - Rosemary, Devon

"I thought the whole construction and layout of your website was fantastic.  Your video clips are brilliant, you use very clear and simple instructions – I liked the sound of your voice, tone and delivery. The quality of each section is well planned and structured. It’s obvious you have worked through this to create a great course" - Sally, Derbyshire

"I came to this course with an open mind and at the same time there was a lot of trauma evolving in my life. I was astounded by how I was dealing with it on a daily basis and all due to the tools that Andy showed me to work with. I found over the 8 week course a wonderful sense of balance and an inner peace that I could not have imagined possible, that I could create for myself. Thank you Andy" - Lorna, London"I found a little time to work on myself to obtain the life-changing habit of meditating and practicing mindfulness. Andy guided me step by step, and everything felt really comfortable yet durable. I recommend this mindfulness course to anyone who feels that are ready to change their lives for better!"

"The course is pleasant but also challenging at times. I learned a bit better how to let go and how to detach from negative thoughts. Andy is very supportive and his videos, and guided meditations are extremely helpul. His guiding remained there with me even when I don't hear him. Thank you, Andy, for a great experience!"