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Here are just a few of the comments about my guided meditations I'd like to share:

"This is an excellent collection of guided meditations from a gifted guide. What a beautiful synthesis of voice and music that has sprung from a deep place to nourish us all! The sound of the waves at the beginning and end reminds me that the ocean of the universe is breathing life into my body and mind. And the heavenly music signifying the peace and harmony that underlies all the hustle and bustle on the surface"

"If you are serious about meditation to nurture your soul, these tracks will give you much nourishment"

"I was introduced to Andy's meditations through the Insight Timer meditation app and love all of his guided meditations that I've heard. He has a great voice, beautiful pacing and just the right amount of guidance"

 "I have been listening to Andy Hobson for the past couple of years on the Insight Timer Meditation App. I highly recommend both. This album hits the spot, each part of the day spot. Morning, commute, lunch, getting home, night time, Saturday and Sunday. Andy has a very calming voice and creates his own background music. Andy's background music is perfect, subtle, calming, excellent. Overall, this is an excellent album for guided meditations. I am teaching a mindfulness graduate class in the fall and I think I am going to recommend this album. Be well"

"I have been listening to his acceptance and letting go meditation on the Insight Timer app. It's excellent. He has a very soothing, calming voice"

"Probably my most favourite mediation. The music is so perfect, the meditation itself so powerful (esp at tumultuous times) and I could listen to Andy's voice all day, every day. 🙂 Thanks, Andy. I'm going to search out your other meditations"

"My single favourite guided meditation. It's a masterpiece of clarity, imagery and metaphor".

"I first meditated to this over a year ago. Still one of my favourites. Thank you Andy. Know that your work makes a difference in the world"

"Enjoy this as I ride the train to work. Great way to settle before the hectic stress of the work day".

"My favourite so far. Easy voice to listen to and really easy to visualise the mountain and me as the mountain. I especially like the background music too. Thank you :)"

"So much room. Thanks Mr Hobson for providing such consistently good meditations"

"This is truly a wonderful meditation. Probably one of the best guided ones that I heard"

"Absolutely beautiful, very calming and relaxing, lovely music and narrative, feeling very peaceful now, thank you"

"Thank you Andy. I suffer from chronic pain and it is difficult. The time spent with your guidance is helping and soothing"

"Thank you for this meditation. I always feel so at peace and so connected when I do it"

"First meditated to this a little over a year ago. Still one of my favorites. Thank you Andy. Know that your work makes a difference in the world".

"Loved it. Helped me relax at the aiport while I've been shifted to a much later flight (owing to my own fault of not having an onward flight. The one time I think they'll overlook it..). I have 4hrs of mindfulness ahead of me. Thank you".

"I love all of Andy's meditations!"

"I come back to this meditation again and again. There is so much compassion and healing in this meditation. This is a perfect balance of guidance and silence, with Andy's perfect music/ sound effects in the background. Definitely a favourite. Thanks you Andy for this and all the guided meditations are among the best on this app"

"Best visualization and perfect pacing . This was a wonderful way to start my day and it brought peace when I was feeling anxious. Thank you!"

"Always come back to this. Brilliant composition and very effective in reminding me of the metaphors of the weather and our hectic lives and emotional ups and downs that are always present without allowing them to overwhelm us".

"I love this meditation because it leads me to a deeper place and allows me to stay there. I leave this meditation feeling very quiet and centered and prepared to carry the mindfulness on into my everyday life".

"I have tried to meditate in the past with no success, this meditation kept me mindful of what I was doing. It kept me grounded and allowed me to come back into focus when my mind was wandering".

"Helps me so much to be calmer and more centered. Than you!"

"Love Andy's voice. So calming. Nice expansion of the traditional lake meditation. Good long silent sections for personal meditations".

"Everytime I listen to this meditation I have a new insight. It is my favourite. The analogy of my life as a lake is very helpful to me in finding the peacefulness inside myself".

"When I withdrew from this meditation, I thought that surely I must have stars in my eyes".

"So beautiful thank yo so much" x

"Worked beautifully for me! First time I actually stayed when meditation ended, versus running to get on with my day. Thank you!"

"Thank you for this mindful meditation! I like the soothing voice, the calming music and the mind opening path the meditation takes".

"Just the right amount of guidance and silence".

"The ultimate meditation for healing and renewal. Thank you, Andy".

"A very relaxing and peaceful meditation! Thank you!"

"Love listening to Andy hope he makes some more meditations soon"

"My absolute favourite. It's so beautiful".

"This may become my favourite meditation. The pace, soothing voice and just enough guidance to be useful but not distracting"